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To whom it may concern

When it comes to addiction rehab, aftercare is an all important step that needs to be addressed. Not everyone has a good aftercare program in place once they leave rehab, and this can make reintroducing oneself to normal life extremely difficult.

At last I decided that something had to be done. I spent time researching programs, literature, and talking to well-meaning friends. I looked around years and it was a maze that was difficult to understand, as what works for one person may not work for another. In the meantime, it seemed like according to my son a job was right around the corner. Eventually my whole family was cornered into non action.

Somehow in all this information I called a hotline number. On the other end of the line I spoke to Samantha. I was still in the place of embarrassment and ignorance about the “failure” of myself and family. Samantha asked thought provoking questions about my son and family. She listened, called me when I didn’t call her, and for three weeks learned about how to best serve the whole family. Samantha’s confidence allowed me to become confident. Her commitment made me more committed. Finally, I learned that there are capable, strong people out there for support. She guided my family to a place where my son willingly entered a program that fit our emotional and financial needs.

Samantha has earned my trust and respect for all her hard work, caring, and especially following through to the end. She did not give up on finding the right solution as we knew that my son could be a flight and fight risk. Samantha was spot on in her assessment and actions in order for my family to take the first step in a major life journey.

To whomever reads this letter, please know that Samantha is a valuable asset to any endeavor or organization that has the benefit of working with her.

Debi Trevisan

With sincerity





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