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First Responders Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Created Specifically for First Responders.

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Luxury Treatment Center For First Responders

Everyday, you put your life on the line to save lives. Sometimes, after a traumatic experience or injury, first responders turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. You are not alone in this journey as we have created a treatment program designed specially for first responders. All of our first responders stay in the same home and work together to break through the addiction and get well. This program is truly created for first responders to return to the job.


Start your recovery with a safe, medical detox at our luxury facility.

First Responder Facility

View our luxury facility dedicated to First Responders.

Treatment Program

Our First Responders program offers a specific treatment path, allowing you to recover successfully.

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Most insurance policies provided to first responders cover the cost of treatment. Verify it now.

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