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At Drug Treatment Finders we understand that executives and other professionals may have higher needs for themselves or loved ones. This is why we offer an executive recovery service that pairs up our clients looking for a more luxury/private experience.

Executive, Luxury Rehab Centers

In a given year, right around 10% of full-time representatives battle with substance use issue, as indicated by examination from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Authorized experts, officials, doctors, dental specialists, pilots, medicinal services staff, lawyers, executives and others along requesting vocation ways are habitually influenced by fixation and emotional well-being issues. To address the requirement for compulsion and double analysis treatment for experts, Drug Treatment Finders’ offers a scope of particular treatment alternatives, from three-day serious symptomatic assessments to restorative detox and private medication and liquor recovery for experts.

Assessments and Assessments for Executives and Professionals

Program offerings include:

  • Detox/adjustment
  • 72-hour escalated analytic assessments
  • Wellness for-obligation evaluations
  • Private day treatment
  • Escalated outpatient treatment
  • Aftercare, post-treatment screenings and come back to-work arranging
  • Cautious, Comfortable Residences for Professionals






The programs that offer a more luxurious, private experience typically offer more in the ways of relaxation and “outside the groups” activities.  Although, any executive program we suggest will provide you the highest quality of addiction treatment, they will do so in a very luxurious, private, setting.

Our executive clients have told us that during their treatment, they felt at home.  Many of them were able to recover in mansions in areas of the country that fit their specific needs. If you like the ocean, we can refer you to several luxury rehab centers in California or Florida.  Mountains more your speed? There are a number of amazing centers near the rockies.

Simply put, if you are an executive that is seeking treatment for addiction for yourself or a loved one, we can help.  There is always a place for you.  Many of them will provide a cash pay, all-inclusive price, rather than use insurance.  We have found that many of our executive clients prefer to keep things private, and therefore pay the bill themselves.  To learn more about your options, call us today!


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