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The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports there are over 14,500 drug treatment facilities in the United States alone, each providing counseling, therapy, medication, case management and other types of services for those with substance addiction and possibly, mental health disorders. Because substance addiction and mental health disorders have become a major public health problem, most facilities are funded by local, State and Federal governments. Not all facilities are the same; they may provide certain therapies or detox treatments that others do not and vice versa. It is important to contact a facility before admitting yourself for treatment in order to determine whether it is the right fit for you or not.

The drug treatment facilities that Drug Treatment Finders recommend follow a certain guideline, provide multiple options for treatment and offer aftercare programs in order to ensure their patients a successful recovery.

Treatment facilities must be accredited by the Golden Seal of Excellence by the Joint Commission International, as well as have certification from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and the Association of Intervention Specialists. Additionally, the staff at each facility must be able to provide licensing and certification upon request. The best drug treatment facilities will have a pre-admissions staff, as well as an intake team, case-managers and an abundance of board-certified doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and nutritionists. By staffing such a diverse group of medical professionals, drug treatment facilities are able to meet each and every patient’s unique and specific needs. From the beginning till the very end, there will be someone to guide and support you.

The pre-admissions staff should focus on gathering as much information about the addict as they can, such as health history and the extent of the addiction, as well as what type of insurance they have. Everything they ask will help determine which facility will meet the unique and specific needs of each patient. The insurance portion of the pre-admissions process involves a complimentary evaluation of insurance plans in order to determine if there will be any out-of-pocket expenses; if so, most facilities work with nonprofit or charitable organizations that help cover funding. Additionally, during the pre-admissions process, addicts can set an admissions date and prepare for the most amazing journey of their life.





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Once patients are admitted into a facility, they will begin with a thorough assessment of their mental and physical health. Medical professionals are able to determine whether there are any wounds or noticeable damage to the body that should be treated before receiving drug addiction treatment. During the mental evaluation, patients will have their feelings and behaviors analyzed in order to diagnose any underlying mental health disorders. Therapists and psychiatrists are able to pinpoint psychological disturbances that cause emotional and mental imbalances. Through these assessments, the staff is able to craft a highly individualized treatment program that will meet the unique and specific needs of the patients.

All drug treatment facilities have one goal in mind: to provide the best possible treatments and most effective programs in order to ensure a successful recovery. All programs are scientifically-proven, evidence-based and up-to-date. Because everyone experiences addiction and reacts to treatment differently, drug treatment facilities offer a wide variety of options beginning with a detoxification (detox) process followed by a combination of therapeutic modalities.

The detox process cleanses the body while the therapeutic modalities focus on cleansing the mind and soul. Drug treatment facilities work just as hard as the patients do to ensure a successful recovery. They provide the tools necessary to live a healthy, sober life.

Drug Treatment Finders provide only the best of the best options for every person seeking help for their addiction. We understand how stressful, scary and overwhelming this entire process can be, which is why we offer guidance and support 24/7 online and over the phone. We are here for you whenever you need answers. We can help you take the right steps toward a successful recovery in order to live a life free from the dependence of stimuli. Do not hesitate to seek help and regain control of your life.

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