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Dual Diagnosis

Recognizing underlying conditions

Dual diagnosis is characterized as a substance addict who is also suffering from an underlying mental health disorder. In most cases, the undiagnosed mental health disorder is the main cause of the addiction. For those who do not seek help for addiction or mental health disorders, they increase their risk of overdose and death. Dual diagnosis treatment programs are offered at all of the nation’s best rehabilitation facilities.

The dual diagnosis program helps those who suffer from substance addiction and mental health disorders learn how to recognize their maladaptive behaviors and replace them with positive coping mechanisms. There are many different types of therapies that are included in the program, each focusing on different parts of the patient’s feelings, triggers and behaviors. Because the dual diagnosis program is designed to treat both mental disorders and addiction, it involves a lot more than just a detoxification process.

Like all programs offered at treatment facilities, the dual diagnosis program begins with the thorough assessment of both the mental and physical health of each patient. The physical evaluation helps medical professionals determine whether there are any wounds or noticeable damage to the body that should be treated before receiving drug addiction treatment. During the mental evaluation, patients will have their feelings and behaviors analyzed in order to diagnose any underlying mental health disorders. Therapists and psychiatrists are able to pinpoint psychological disturbances that cause emotional and mental imbalances. Through these assessments, the staff is able to craft a highly individualized treatment program that will meet the unique and specific needs of the patients.

All treatment facilities have one goal in mind: to provide the best possible treatments and most effective programs in order to ensure a successful recovery. All programs are scientifically-proven, evidence-based and up-to-date. Because everyone experiences addiction and reacts to treatment differently, drug treatment facilities offer a wide variety of options beginning with a detoxification (detox) process followed by a combination of therapeutic modalities.

The detox process cleanses the body while the therapeutic modalities focus on cleansing the mind and soul. Drug treatment facilities work just as hard as the patients do to ensure a successful recovery. They provide the tools necessary to live a healthy, sober life. Drug Treatment Finders believes that the best way to treat addiction is by educating patients, their families and the entire world about the power of addiction. Addiction begins when the body becomes tolerant and dependent on a substance. Overtime, the body will get used to the normal dosage and need more in order to feel its effects. Tolerance causes users to use more, increasing their chance of overdose or they may search for something stronger and kill themselves because their bodies are not used to the dosage. The body will also go into shock when it is not receiving the substance at all; in order to function normally, addicts will need their substance.

Addiction does not always begin when addicts begin to abuse a substance; sometimes addiction can be traced back to family history, as well as genetics. Studies show that those who suffer from addiction carry a similar gene that medical experts believe contributes to addictive personalities. Additionally, those who have multiple family members who have suffered from substance addiction will have an increased chances of developing an addiction themselves. It is important for family members to know that they may have played a part in their loved one’s addiction, which is why the best treatment facilities will offer family therapy during the inpatient drug rehabilitation.

Mental Health

Mental health disorders and addictive behaviors go hand-in-hand; in fact, medical experts have found two theories about the pair. The first theory is that mental health disorders are the leading cause of substance abuse. Those with mental illness, because of social stigma are afraid to seek help; therefore, they self-medicate. It is well known that self-medication usually leads to abuse which then leads to addiction. The other theory is that substance abuse creates mental illness. People believe this theory because addictive substances cause significant physiological and biochemical effects and disrupt the brain’s cognitive and behavioral functions, thus causing a mental health illness.

Regardless of the causes of addiction or if the symptoms are from a mental health disorder, when someone is suffering from life-threatening disorders, they can and should seek treatment. Drug Treatment Finders is here to help you find the best treatment centers for your unique and specific needs.





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